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Who can use it?

Who can use MacPLUS Federated Search?

MacPLUS is available to current students, residents, faculty and staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences. Other interested professionals may try it out, but we cannot respond to all service requests (eg, related to access to fulltext). Registration is currently available through medportal (McMaster students, residents and faculty), Clinical Connect (students, residents, faculty and HHS staff), and our registration page.

Where can MacPLUS Federated Search be used?


MacPLUS and its associated resources are available for use anywhere on campus and local hospitals. Simply login in directly at http://plus.mcmaster.ca/MacPLUSFS/ or via MedPortal at http://www.MedPortal.ca and begin searching.


MacPLUS Federated Search can be accessed from off-campus, but a number of its associated resources (especially at the higher levels) require that you first log in to LibAccess at https://libraryssl.lib.mcmaster.ca/libaccess/login.php?init. (When searching from within campus, LibAccess is not required.)


For best results, Login to LibAccess before signing on to MacPLUS FS.
For more information about how to use LibAccess click here.