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Treatment Parizad N, Goli R, Faraji N, et al. Effect of guided imagery on anxiety, muscle pain, and vital signs in patients with COVID-19: A randomized controlled trial. Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2021 Feb 20;43:101335. doi: 10.1016/j.ctcp.2021.101335.

BACKGROUND: COVID-19 can lead to anxiety due to its high mortality rate. Patients with COVID-19 may suffer from muscle pain. This study aimed to determine the effect of guided imagery on anxiety, muscle pain, and vital signs in patients with COVID-19.

METHODS: 110 patients with COVID-19 were recruited and randomly assigned to two control and intervention groups. Data were collected using the Spielberger Anxiety Inventory, the McGill Pain Questionnaire, and the Visual Analogue Scale. The intervention group received ten training sessions of guided imagery.

RESULTS: The results indicated a significant difference in the mean scores of state (t = -3.829, p < .001), trait anxiety (t = -2.946, p = .004), pain quality (t = -4.223, p < .001), pain intensity (t = -3.068, p = .003), and heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and oxygen saturation (p < .001) between the two groups after the intervention.

CONCLUSIONS: Guided imagery as a cost-effective method of complementary medicine is recommended to manage anxiety and pain in patients with COVID-19.

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FM/GP/Mental Health rater

This is a small study with results that appear too good to be true. I'd like to see this replicated in various settings.

Psychiatry rater

Intuitively, one would expect guided imagery and relaxation to aid anxiety in whatever context.

Psychiatry rater

As a Psychiatrist, I think that this paper shows good evidence of a method that could be applied in clinical practice.