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Treatment Al-Masaeed M, Alghawanmeh M, Al-Singlawi A, et al. An Examination of COVID-19 Medications' Effectiveness in Managing and Treating COVID-19 Patients: A Comparative Review. Healthcare (Basel). 2021 May 10;9(5). pii: healthcare9050557. doi: 10.3390/healthcare9050557.

Background: The review seeks to shed light on the administered and recommended COVID-19 treatment medications through an evaluation of their efficacy. Methods: Data were collected from key databases, including Scopus, Medline, Google Scholar, and CINAHL. Other platforms included WHO and FDA publications. The review's literature search was guided by the WHO solidarity clinical trials for COVID-19 scope and trial-assessment parameters. Results: The findings indicate that the use of antiretroviral drugs as an early treatment for COVID-19 patients has been useful. It has reduced hospital time, hastened the clinical cure period, delayed and reduced the need for mechanical and invasive ventilation, and reduced mortality rates. The use of vitamins, minerals, and supplements has been linked to increased immunity and thus offering the body a fighting chance. Nevertheless, antibiotics do not correlate with improving patients' wellbeing and are highly discouraged from the developed clinical trials. Conclusions: The review demonstrates the need for additional clinical trials with a randomized, extensive sample base and over a more extended period to examine the potential side effects of the medications administered. Critically, the findings underscore the need for vaccination as the only viable medication to limit the SARS-CoV-2 virus spread.

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Internal Medicine rater

This review is an eye opener for all the healthcare workers involved in the Covid-19 care. It evaluates all the popular therapies used in Covid-19 so far. However apart from antiviral and antibacterial therapies, vitamins, zinc and other minerals have not shown a definite role in reducing the viral load or inflammatory process. We still need the randomised control trials to prove it.