Tip of the Day

Q: Why am I unable to log in?

This is likely because you have cookies disabled in your browser. Either of the following solutions should correct the problem; however, Solution 1 is a more secure option:

Solution 1

In Internet Explorer, to Tools / Internet Options / Privacy, under the "Web sites" section, click on the Edit button, under Manage sites add http://plus.mcmaster.ca/EvidenceAlerts/ to the Address of web site field and click on Allow. NOTE: A truncated version of the URL (http://plus.mcmaster.ca) may appear in the Allow section. This will also work.

Solution 2

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools /Internet Options /Privacy and move the security bar down until it no longer says Block All Cookies (about Medium-High on the scale is good; however, some browsers require the setting to be set at low).

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