Tip of the Day

Q: How do I download EvidenceAlerts references into EndNote?

If your version of EndNote is 7.0 or earlier, you may need to update your PubMed filter (click on http://www.endnote.com/enpmalert.asp -- the PubMed filter is under the Jan 14, 2004 alert).

  1. Select articles for download by clicking in the check-box next to the article title(s) (you can select multiple articles if on the same page).

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Create Text File.

  3. Select a name and location for the text file and click on Save.

  4. Open an existing Endnote database or create one by going to File -->New

  5. To Import the file click on Choose File, then select Import

  6. In the Import window, select PubMed (NLM) from the Import Option - if this choice is not available, click on Other filters to get the extended list

  7. To select the text file you want to import Choose file and select the file you saved.

  8. Click on Import.

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