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RESUSCITATION PLUS (Premium LiteratUre Service) is sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA) on behalf of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), and powered by the Health Information Research Unit, McMaster University, building on the McMaster Premium Literature Service, McMasterPLUSTM

RESUSCITATION+ is a continuously updated repository of current best evidence from research to support evidence-based clinical decisions. RESUSCITATION+ does not cover basic science.

Our goal is to identify and disseminate studies that are worthy of clinical attention by virtue of their scientific merit and clinical relevance. To do this, we screen and review all articles from over 120 premier clinical journals, including Academic Emergency Medicine, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Prehospital Emergency Care, and Resuscitation. Our research staff and clinical editors assess articles for their methodologic quality, index qualified articles to content related to resuscitation, and then at least 3 practitioners from each pertinent clinical discipline assess the qualifying articles for clinical relevance and newsworthiness. Only the strongest studies and systematic reviews are selected for RESUSCITATION+; less than 1 in 10 articles published in the field of resuscitation medicine makes the grade.

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