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What is helsebiblioteket | McMaster PLUS?

helsebiblioteket | McMaster PLUS is a service to help provide current best evidence for clinical decisions. It conducts literature searches simultaneously in several different evidence-based information services (online evidence-based texts, and pre-appraised journal publications).

helsebiblioteket | McMaster PLUS is a product of the McMaster Health Knowledge Refinery (HKR). HKR is a continuously updated resource for evidence-based clinical decisions.

Searching helsebiblioteket | McMaster PLUS yields content that is hierarchically organized: Always look first at the content available at the highest level of the hierarchy, as it is most likely to be useful for clinical purposes.

The hierarchy is based on principles of evidence-based decision-making:

  • Systems provide patient-specific computerized decision support – “under construction” at present
  • Summaries provide the best summarization of evidence for entire clinical topics (eg asthma, diabetes)
  • Synopses are brief abstracts of high quality original studies and systematic reviews
  • Syntheses are systematic reviews of original studies

For more details please consult: Explanation of the 6S model

Please note that no single resource is comprehensive at present and that not all high quality evidence-based resources are represented in the searches. Thus, you may be able to find better evidence elsewhere – but if you do, please let us know (helsebiblioteket@mcmasterhkr.com) and we'll try to incorporate it into the helsebiblioteket | McMaster PLUS service.