About This Site

Knowledge Translation+ (KT+) is provided by McMaster University’s Health Information Research Unit.

KT+provides access to the current evidence on "T2" knowledge translation* (ie, research addressing the knowledge to practice gap), including published original articles and systematic reviews on health care quality improvement, continuing professional education, computerized clinical decision support, health services research and patient adherence. Its purpose is to inform those working in the knowledge translation area of current research as it is published.

* based on the notion that T1 KT involves translational research from the lab to humans, while T2 KT has to do with understanding and enhancing the dissemination and application of research-derived knowledge in health care (Hulley et al, 2007).

You will find two types of articles on this site:

Quality-filtered KT Articles
The best evidence relevant to knowledge translation in the areas of quality improvement, continuing medical education, computerized clinical decision support, health services research and patient adherence, identified from over 130 premier clinical journals. All citations are pre-rated for quality by research staff at McMaster University. All articles are then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of a worldwide panel of practicing health professionals.

Additional KT Articles
Knowledge translation research articles identified from other sources (i.e., the included studies of KT systematic reviews and studies and reviews identified from searching PubMed) that are not quality filtered but have relevant KT content. These papers are not rated by the panel of health professionals.

What are the features of KT+?

The current features of KT+ include:

What do the clinical ratings in KT+ mean?

The current features of PLUS include: