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Name Affiliation
Abdulrahman Al Raizah King saud bin abdulaziz
Adelina Avram McGill University
Adrienne Lee University of Calgary
Agnes Lee University of British Columbia
Alan Bell University of Toronto
Alejandro Lazo-Langner University of Western Ontario
Aleksandra Franczak University of Alberta
Alexander Leatherdale University of British Columbia
Alexandra Garven University of Calgary
Alfonso Iorio McMaster University
Alison Bond University of Toronto
Alison Fox-Robichaud McMaster University
Alyshah Nurani University of Alberta
Amanda Pecaskie University of Ottawa
Amin Zahrai University of Ottawa
Amy Wong Strilchuk University of British Columbia
Andre Roussin Université de Montréal
Andres Valenzuela McMaster University
Andrew Hirsch McGill University
Angela Lee McGill University
Anne Holbrook McMaster University
Anne Marie Clement University of Ottawa
Anne McLeod University of Toronto
Anthony Chan McMaster University
Antonios Douros McGill University
Aurelien Delluc University of Ottawa
Benoit Cote Université Laval
Bill Geerts University of Toronto
Blaine Gallant Dalhousie University
Bruce Ritchie University of Alberta
Camille Simard McGill University
Carla Strulovitch McGill University
Carol Gonsalves University of Ottawa
Carolyn Webb McMaster University
Chantal Rockwell University of Ottawa
Chantal Seguin McGill University
Christian Kastrup University of British Columbia
Christine D'Arsigny Queen's University
Christopher Patriquin University of Toronto
Colin Kretz McMaster University
Cristian Toarta University of Toronto
Crystal Sequeira McGill University
Cynthia Wu University of Alberta
Dana Deshet Meirovich University of Ottawa
Daniel Warner University of Ottawa
Daniyya Chaudhry University of Calgary
David Anderson Dalhousie University
David Lillicrap Queen's University
Davide Matino McMaster University
Dean Fergusson University of Ottawa
Deborah Siegal McMaster University
Deepa Suryanarayan University of Calgary
Deepak Gupta None
Diem Quyen Nguyen Université de Montréal
Dimitrios Scarvelis University of Ottawa
Divya Karsanji University of Manitoba
Dominique Toupin Université de Sherbrooke
Donna McCarty McMaster University
Ed Pryzdial University of British Columbia
Eddy Lang University of Calgary
Edward Conway University of British Columbia
Ejaife Agbani University of Calgary
Elena Shulikovsky None
Elina Liu University of British Columbia
Emily Lai University of British Columbia
Eric Boilard Université Laval
Eric Cerenzia University of Toronto
Eric Tseng University of Toronto
Erjona Kruja McMaster University
Faizan Khan University of Ottawa
Fatimah Al-Ani University of Western Ontario
Fayad Al-Haimus McMaster University
Federico Germini McMaster University
G Emmanuel Guindon McMaster University
Genevieve Le Templier Université de Sherbrooke
Georges Jourdi Université de Montréal
Gloria Lim University of Toronto
Grégoire  Le Gal University of Ottawa
Guillaume Roberge Université Laval
Hasam Madarati McMaster University
Heather McPhaden McGill University
Houman Khosravani University of Toronto
Hugh Kim University of British Columbia
Indy Ghosh McMaster University
isabelle chagnon Université de Montréal
Isabelle Malhamé McGill University
Ishac Nazy McMaster University
Ismail Raslan McGill University
Jacob Easaw University of Alberta
Jameel Abdulrehman University of Toronto
James Andruchow University of Calgary
James Chessum McMaster University
Jaskirat Arora McMaster University
Jason Weatherald University of Calgary
Jeannine Kassis Université de Montréal
jean-philippe galanaud University of Toronto
Jeffrey Weitz McMaster University
Jennifer Brinkhurst University of Ottawa
Jennifer Lowerison None
Jessica Emed McGill University
Jill Baxter University of Calgary
Jill Fulcher University of Ottawa
Jim Douketis McMaster University
Jim Julian McMaster University
Joanne Duncan McMaster University
Joel Abraham McMaster University
Joel Ray University of Toronto
Joseph Cyr Wilfrid Laurier
Joseph Shaw University of Ottawa
Judy Kovacs University of Western Ontario
Judy Richard Dalhousie University
Julien D'Astous Université de Montréal
Justin Tabah McGill University
Kanwal Singh McMaster University
Karine Doyon Université de Montréal
Karine Gauthier University of Toronto
Katie Lin University of Calgary
Kednapa Thavorn University of Ottawa
Keerat Grewal University of Toronto
Kelly Zarnke University of Calgary
Kelsey Uminski University of Ottawa
Kerstin de Wit McMaster University
Kochawan Boonyawat McMaster University
Kristina Vidug McMaster University
Krystina Stutely University of Ottawa
Kyla Sask McMaster University
Lana Castellucci University of Ottawa
Laura Avila University of Toronto
Laurie Robichaud McGill University
Laurie Sardo McMaster University
Leonard Blair McMaster University
Leonardo Augusto Ciuffini The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Leslie Skeith University of Ottawa
Leslie Zypchen University of British Columbia
Lindsay Yoo University of Waterloo/McMaster University
Lisa Duffett University of Ottawa
Lisa Rudd-Scott McMaster University
Lori-Ann Linkins McMaster University
Luca Di Giuseppantonio McMaster University
Lucia Caiano University of Ottawa
Luciana Spadafora McMaster University
Luke Lavallee University of Ottawa
Luljeta Pallaveshi University of Western Ontario
Madeleine Hill University of Ottawa
Maha Othman Queen's University
Mansoor Radwi McMaster University
Maral Koolian McGill University
Marc Afilalo McGill University
Marc Carrier University of Ottawa
Marc Filion McMaster University
Marc Rodger McGill University
Maria Cielo Hernandez University of Ottawa
Maria Dzyuba None
Marie Lordkipanidze Université de Montréal
Marie-Claude Pelland-Marcotte Université Laval
Marie-Pier Arsenault Université de Montréal
Marie-Pier Bastrash McGill University
Marissa Laureano McMaster University
Mark Blostein McGill University
Martha Louzada University of Western Ontario
Mateo Porres-Aguilar McGill University
Matt Wheeler University of Auckland
Mei Wang McMaster University
Melissa Forgie University of Ottawa
Menaka Pai McMaster University
Michael Boffa University of Western Ontario
Michael Kovacs University of Western Ontario
Michelle Sholzberg University of Toronto
Michelle Zondag McMaster University
Miriam Kimpton University of Ottawa
Mona Aflaki McGill University
Nada Miscevic None
Nahya Awada Carleton University
Naomi Bedek McMaster University
Natasha Rupani University of Toronto
Nathalie Routhier Université de Montréal
Nicholas Jackson Chornenki McMaster University
Nicholas Meti McGill University
Ninada Ganta University of Calgary
Normand Blais Université de Montréal
Otto Moodley University of Saskatchewan
Ouida Antle University of Alberta
Patricia Liaw McMaster University
Paul Jurasz University of Alberta
Paul Kim McMaster University
Paul Tieu None
Peter Gross McMaster University
Phil Wells University of Ottawa
Philippe Violette McMaster University
Prism Schneider University of Calgary
Rachelle Blackman Dalhousie University
Reginald Smith University of British Columbia
Rick Ikesaka McMaster University
Rita Selby University of Toronto
Rohan Kehar McMaster University - adjunct appointment in progress
Romain Le Pennec University of Ottawa
Rufaro Chitsike Memorial University
Ryan Zarychanski University of Manitoba
Ryan Kerzner Université de Montréal
Sahar Sohrabipour University of British Columbia
Salma Shivji University of Ottawa
Sam Schulman McMaster University
Sameer Parpia McMaster University
Samer Makhaly McGill University
Sandrine Hamel McGill University
Sara Ng University of Ottawa
Sarah Medeiros McMaster University
Sarah Takach Lapner University of Alberta
Scott Wilson N/A
Sean Dolan Dalhousie University
Shana Shaya McMaster University
Shannon Bates McMaster University
Siavash Piran McMaster University
Siraj Mithoowani McMaster University
Sophie Florencio Arellano University
Stan Shapiro McMaster University
Stefan Jevtic McMaster University
Stephanie Carlin University of Toronto
Stephanie Young Memorial University
Sudeep Shivakumar Dalhousie University
Suellen Coelho McGill University
Sukhneet Dhillon University of British Columbia
Susan Kahn McGill University
Susan Pleasance Dalhousie University
Susan Solymoss McGill University
Tania Pannu University of Calgary
Taylor Drury University of British Columbia
Taylor Sparring McMaster University
Teresa Cafaro Université de Montréal
Terri Schnurr McMaster University
Thalia Field University of British Columbia
Thomas Mavrakanas McGill University
Tim Ramsay University of Ottawa
Tobias Tritschler University of Ottawa
Tony Wan University of British Columbia
traci robinson University of Calgary
Tzu-Fei Wang University of Ottawa
Ubabuko Unachukwu University of Ottawa
Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy University of Ottawa
Vera Dounaevskaia University of Toronto
Veronica DeYoung McMaster University
Veronica Whitham University of Ottawa
Vicky Mai Université Laval
Vicky Tagalakis McGill University
Victoria David McMaster University
Wendy Lim McMaster University
Yan Xu University of Ottawa
Yeo Erik University of Toronto
Yousra Tera Queen's University
Zachary Liederman University of Toronto
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